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The COVID-19 Certification of Conformance from Global Healthcare Accreditation tells patients that a certified hospital or clinic is fully invested in the well-being and safety of their patient throughout the entire medical travel experience, including hotel and transportation.


Meeting Point for Health Tourism

USTTAK is a professional, reliable and independent source for all its stakeholders. Our mission is to provide a central portal where healthcare organizations, healthcare professionals, intermediary organizations and patients can find the information they need. USTTAK was established for those who request special information in the fields of medical tourism, thermal tourism, elderly and disabled care.

  • Know healthcare professionals and intermediary organizations in the sector, receive a price quote.
  • Follow the latest researches and news in health tourism.
  • Follow the news and developments in the sector with Health Tourism Magazine.
  • Participate in the organizations, seminars, fairs and trainings we will organize.
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-To ensure patients around the world to find the most suitable treatment for them, regardless of their location,

- To establish timely and effective communication with other health stakeholders in the world,

- To be in the health tourism sector, which is developing gradually all over the world, to get a share of the total revenue of 100 billion dollars.


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Organizations, OUR MEMBERS, with

International Health Tourism Authorization Certificate
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is USTTAK?
USTTAK, the International Association of Health Tourism Facilities and Intermediary Institutions, is the most comprehensive non-governmental organization in the field of health tourism, base...
What are the activities of USTTAK?
Organizing fairs, seminars and workshops abroad for the promotion of its members, To ensure that its members about Health Tourism have access to accurate information, Making sect...
How to be a member?
You can print out the membership form from the become a member section in, fill it out and send it to us with the required documents, signed and sealed.
What brings to be a member of USTTAK?
To create the right network by improving communication with domestic and foreign health institutions, health professionals and agencies, and to have the opportunity to cooperate between thes...
Can only doctors be a members of USTTAK?
Clinics, consulting rooms, hospitals, healthcare facilities and intermediary institutions with the Health Tourism Authorization Certificate can become a member.
Can USTTAK assist me in my treatment?
Yes. USTTAK leads you to the right clinic, doctor or health stakeholders for your treatment.
Can I receive price offer from USTTAK for my treatment?
It directly contacts the health institutions and organizations that you will receive price offer about your treatment and help you receive a price offer about your treatment.
Is it an institution where I can get help during my treatment?
Yes. We stand by all international patients in accodance with their needs throughout their treatment process from A to Z.
Will USTTAK stand by me for my post-treatment needs?
We help you to keep in touch with the relevant clinic, doctor or health stakeholder after the completion of your treatment.
Can I address my possible complaints and problems to USTTAK before or after I start receiving my treatment?
We offer solutions to all possible problems that international patients may experience.
Can we get help from your association for our needs or requests other than treatment?
Absolutely. It can help in many aspects of patients' needs other than treatment.