Have Website Specific to You

Become popular with your web page. Take advantage of branding while increasing your reliability for online routings and searches. According to Google, 77% of patientsmake a search before making an appointment for their treatment. Make sure you are one of these research results with your web page on Usttak.org.

What do you get?


You can include media and public relations such as articles, videos, press releases and other content that is valuable to you.



You can display your case studies, related images, and references from your patients.


You can include documents and information regarding your professional development, such as your certifications, awards, and education.



Your web page will connect you more closely with your patients and will contain information regarding a different aspect of you. You can add anything you enjoy doing to your profile.


This information includes general information about you as a doctor, including your native language and languages in which you provide service, your location and career.