Our association, USTTAK (International Health Tourism Facilities and Intermediary Organizations Association) was established in Ankara to gather health tourism stakeholders with international health tourism authorization certificates under a single roof and to mediate our country to take its place rapidly and permanently in world health tourism.

USTTAK develops bilateral relations with foreign health institutions, intermediary institutions and healthcare professionals thanks to the vision, experience and quality service understanding of its members, and carries out active lobbying and promotional activities abroad that will benefit Turkish Health Tourism stakeholders.

Our association is one of the largest and most inclusive non-governmental organizations in Turkey with its members with the international health tourism authorization certificate, and makes toward becoming a highly effective national and international association in terms of its activities and collaborations.

Our association carries out recommendations, suggestions and studies for the development of health tourism legislation by establishing public and private partnerships, and contributes to the development of the sector as a non-governmental organization by considering health and tourism together.


What do we do?

We, as USTTAK, aim to raise awareness on medical tourism, thermal tourism, elderly and disabled tourism, to raise awareness of the society, to establish relations with national and international organizations related to the subject and participate in similar works, to contribute to the sectoral development of our members with the trainings we offer on health tourism, to carry out all kinds of studies and activities required for the realization of common goals under the roof of our association by providing consultancy to individuals, institutions and organizations and arranging organizations for the health sector.