• In the Health Tourism Magazine by USTTAK, the articles about the services of the members and sectoral developments are included. Thus, the members are introduced and a common journal is prepared with current developments in the sector.

  • USTTAK members can have the most beneficial promotion and marketing strategies for themselves by making a design for the qualifications and needs of their organizations, thanks to the microsite design service included in the website.



  • USTTAK membership gathers the health institutions operating in Turkey and around the world, healthcare professionals and agencies serving in the field under a single roof. Thus, it is aimed to establish the right connections within the interaction network consisting of many institutions, organizations and individuals.

  • USTTAK memberships can be individual or legal. Members establish a wide communication network thanks to many activities such as events, conferences, seminars, meetings, trainings organized for institutions and individuals, which are organized within our association and bring together a large number of people.

  • USTTAK members who participate in trainings in different fields can make progress in subjects that meet their individual and legal needs thanks to the guidance and cooperation of various experts.

  • The trainings organized create an environment where ideas are exchanged for problem solving and eliminating the deficiencies in the field of health tourism. In this regard, the steps for solving the problems are urgently taken under the roof of USTTAK.



  • Membership of USTTAK provides the opportunity to establish contacts between institutions/organizations and individuals to be make contact with in the field of health tourism, primarily Russia, Germany, United States of America, Azerbaijan, United Arab Emirates, Georgia, England, Iraq and Qatar.

  • As USTTAK members come together in Turkey and around the world, communication is established between the members and the first steps are taken for new partnerships.

  • Works are being done to increase communication and interaction among USTTAK members, and the members are led to establishment of the right connections as a result of the analysis.



  • USTTAK takes the health tourism industry's pulse closely. Thus, USTTAK members become a part of the sectoral development by having a say in the subjects that need to be solved or changed in the sector. Furhermore, the members are informed immediately and notified about current developments in case of any change in the legislation that needs to be followed.

  • USTTAK guides its members in key subjects such as events organized in accordance with different subjects and needs, knowing the field, which is quite significant in the health tourism sector, identifying the right need and offering solutions.

  • Follow the sector closely thanks to Health Tourism Magazine journal.




  • International B2B, B2C business models

  • National or international seminars, conferences, sectoral studies

  • Annual member meetings with the participation of all members

  • Workshops organized at home and abroad

  • Trainings at home and abroad

  • Educational activities organized through the determination of the areas that need information the most in the sector with the guidance of the members